Past Courses/ Workshops/ Seminars 

The Association brought a five day Dyslexia Awareness course to Hong Kong in April 1996, run and developed by Hazel McKay of the Hornsby Institute, a British based organisation that specialises in dyslexia and which was instrumental in getting the Association established. This course was widely appreciated by a very healthy attendance of both teachers and parents. It was an essential and, we believe, effective programme to increase dyslexia awareness in Hong Kong.

In November 1996 the Association brought Dr. Loretta Giorcelli, Head of Special Needs of the University of New South Wales to give a five day seminar entitled “Learning Difficulties, a broader perspective”

The five day course was remarkable with Dr. Giorcelli drawing on a wealth of experience in counselling, consulting and research into special needs, and communicating skilfully with her very appreciative audience. We hope that through this seminar the awareness of dyslexia will have grown; we hope too that many of the solutions and approaches adopted by schools, teachers and parents in Australia, North America and elsewhere might become appreciated and employed here in Hong Kong and elsewhere through the world. Dr. Giorcelli also met with the Secretary of Education, Helen Wong.

In September 1997, the Association hosted a one day seminar/workshop by Dr. Paul Hutchins Head of Children’s Assessment Centre; Senior Paediatric Consultant, Children’s Hospital Educational Research Institute, the New Children’s Hospital, Sydney, Australia. His topic of Modern Management of Dyslexia, ADHD and associated disorders was well appreciated by an enthusiastic audience.

In November 1997, Dr. Gavin Reid, Course Leader at the Moray House Institute of Education Heriot-Watt University’s Centre for Specific Learning Difficulties in Edinburgh, Scotland gave a five day course on Dyslexia: Practical Approaches To Assessment, Teaching And Learning. This was an interactive course with very real and practical applications for teachers and parents. Dr. Reid also met with the Education Department and visited South Island School.

In March 1998 Dr. Loretta Giorcelli returned for a two day workshop for the Association and Special Needs programmes for one of the International Schools here in Hong Kong. Her two day workshop provided useful and inspirational material for an audience of teachers, parents and professionals.

In November 1998 Dr. Angela Fawcett of the University of Sheffield gave two days of talks on Testing for Dyslexia; her Tests are major sellers in the area of special needs.

And also in November 1998 Dr Loretta Giorcelli returned to Hong Kong including the Association in a busy programme with a talk on practical help for teachers and parents, accompanied by teacher Karen Cook.

In November 1999 Dr. Mike Thomson and Bill Watkins of the East Court School in Broadstairs Kent gave a four day seminar on Dyslexia, drawing on their extensive experience in establishing and running a school with a tremendous reputation.

And in March 2000 Anne Henderson gave two excellent days of Mathematics and Learning Difficulties, a widely appreciated talk that prove of tremendous value to those attending. Another speaker we will try and get back one day, and if you ever get a chance to hear her, don’t hesitate to go.

In October 2000 Martin Turner of the British Dyslexia Institute visited Hong Kong to do a programme of assessments.

In November 2000 Gillian Westcombe gave a day’s workshop on Assessment, designed for Parents, Teachers and Professionals whose lives are affected by those with Learning Difficulties. Gillian is Director of the Broxbourne Dyslexia Unit in Hertfordshire.

In November 2001 Mike Juggins gave a day’s workshop on succeeding as a dyslexic in a word-based environment. He also visited several ESF schools and ran workshops on making animated films to groups of dyslexic pupils which were very well received.

In November 2003 Dr. Steve Chinn and Julie Kay, Joint Principals, Mark College, A Secondary School for Dyslexic Boys in Highbridge, Somerset, and world class experts in teaching maths for those affected by specific learning difficulties gave a four day interactive seminar for teachers, professionals and parents.

In April 2006, in conjunction with Brain Body Centre, the Dyslexia Association presented a three-hour workshop entitled ADHD – A Dynamic Holistic Direction. The talk was presented by Rita Edwards, Sensory Integration Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Educational Kinesiologist & International Faculty of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation for South Africa.

In October 2006 Dr. Jadis Blurton led a panel discussion and workshop entitled “What works in learning difficulties”. This was an opportunity for all those involved in helping children with learning difficulties to share and bring their own positive experience.

In February 2007 Dr. Lorraine Hammond of Edith Cowan University in Western Australia gave a three day program on aspects of reading, writing and spelling. Dr. Lorraine Hammond is an excellent speaker who has a considerable reputation in this area. She is widely regarded as a ‘practical’ academic who can translate research findings into classroom application, so the sessions were particularly helpful to parents, teachers and other professionals.

In May 2007 Neil MacKay, a UK based freelance consultant and trainer who is well known for his work in encouraging dyslexia friendly schools, ran a three day seminar and workshop entitled “Practical Solutions for those with Learning Difficulties.” An excellent speaker, Mr. MacKay gave interactive and highly informative talks on creating the dyslexia friendly classroom in the dyslexia friendly school, learning how to learn, building ladders to learning, writing skills for reluctant writers and working with your child at home.

In October 2009, Neil MacKay made a return visit to the association and held a one-day workshop for teachers, professionals and parents on “Supporting the Dyslexic Child in the Classroom”.

In November 2010, Dr. Gavin Reid presented “Dyslexia (and other specific learning difficulties): dealing with the challenges in an inclusive context.” This was a Certificate Course for Teachers Accredited by the Institute of Child Education and Psychology (Europe).

In October 2011, Dr. Steve Chinn  presented a three-day course “The Trouble with Maths”, hosted, in collaboration with DAHK, by the English Schools Foundation.

In April 2018, Laurie D. Leeson M.Ed., OCT, Fellow/AOGPE ran a two-week Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators Associate Level course. 

In April 2019, Laurie Leeson again led a 60-hour course for participants to fulfil the requirements set by the Orton-Gillingham Academy to become an Associate.