Over the next few pages we have listed resources found both locally in Hong Kong and internationally.  We do not necessarily endorse these resources, but some members of the committee and various educators and parents have found them useful.  It is up to you, as parents or as an individual to decide whether or not to access and apply these resources.

If you have any other resources that you know of either locally or internationally, please do let us know.

Rufina Chan

Family Eye Care
Vision Therapy for Vision-related learning problems
22/F, CNT House, 120 Johnston Rd, Wan Chai
Hong Kong Tel: 2107 4187
E-mail: rufina@familyeyecare.com.hk
Website: www.familyeyecare.com.hk

Suzan Salnikow

The Matilda International Hospital
41 Mount Kellett Rd, The Peak, Hong Kong
Tel: 2849 1500
Email: opd@matilda.org

Dr Lucia San, Monica Chow, Ryannie Chow

Visual perceptual assessment and therapy for developmental and
learning-related visual problems
Room 1006, Melbourne Plaza, 33 Queen’s Road Central
Tel: 2525 1733
Email: luciasan@netvigator.com