Over the next few pages we have listed resources found both locally in Hong Kong and internationally.  We do not necessarily endorse these resources, but some members of the committee and various educators and parents have found them useful.  It is up to you, as parents or as an individual to decide whether or not to access and apply these resources.

If you have any other resources that  you know of either locally or internationally, please do let us know.

A HK organisation whose mission is to promote public awareness of learning disabilities and attentional disorders and to improve the education of children who are challenged by these learning differences.

HK Association for Specific Learning Disabilities



An organisation catering to Cantonese speakers, but sometimes invites overseas speakers to give talks.

HK Government Education Bureau



Information about Special Educational Needs under “Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Education: Curriculum Development.”
Also look under : “Our Services to Students and Parents”. For children attending government and aided schools.

The Hong Kong Institute of Education



They offer workshops, presentations, and conferences on learning difficulties and other issues school-aged children experience.