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Our Goal:


The Association aims to raise awareness and provide support for people affected by dyslexia.


Our Mission

The Association aims to bring people living in Hong Kong together to support individuals affected by dyslexia and related learning difficulties. We believe that working with the various education bodies is crucial to achieving our aims. Where there are problems, the Association wants to help.

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Our Impact

The Dyslexia Association of Hong Kong has had a series of well attended, highly constructive and informative monthly meetings since its inception. No charge for attending the monthly meetings has been made although we would encourage attendees to leave a donation to cover our expenses.  All speakers at the monthly meeting have freely given their time and have been rewarded, we trust, with an interested and appreciative audience eager to learn.



Million Dollars Raised

Since our inception,  our non-profit association has raised over one million HKD to support the Hong Kong dyslexic  community.



Years Serving communities

The Dyslexia Association was established by parents interested in Dyslexia in September 1995.



Thousand children Impacted

Estimates of the number of children affected by Dyslexia or dyslexia-related difficulties across schools in Hong Kong.

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Our Programs

The DAHK has organised a series of well attended, highly constructive and informative monthly meetings since its inception.  All speakers at the monthly meetings have freely given their time and have been rewarded with an interested and appreciative audience anxious to learn more. The DAHK also organises talks and workshops given by local and international speakers. Examples of some recent talks are below.



This talk was Emotion Focused Teaching by Dr. Rick Smith. Rick highlighted the role of emotion in learning; explained the role of feelings in initiating action and motivation; outlined the differences between problem-focused and emotion-focused solutions and explored practical steps that teachers and parents could take to help students deal with the emotions of learning more effectively.



The Dyslexia Experience was presented by a team of three DAHK committee members. This is a simulation of dyslexia and was created to give participants the opportunity to discover what those with dyslexia often experience with reading, writing and processing and to feel the frustrations children with dyslexia face daily in the classroom. An eye-opening and thought-provoking evening.



In this full-day seminar, Dr. Lindsay Peer (CBE), from the UK, presented a talk for parents entitled Winning with Dyslexia: Understanding your child and the impact of dyslexia upon their emotions, living and learning and one for educators entitled Overcoming Underachievement: The link between processing, academic and emotional difficulties in dyslexia.  Dr. Peer also ran a practical workshop for teachers and educators: Dyslexia: Making it work! Tried and tested effective practice accessible to school and to home.


MARCH 2018

DAHK workshops have been so important to our staff and school. We really learned a lot from the workshops.

Teacher- YMCA school, Lantau Island





Our Team

The Dyslexia Association of Hong Kong is made up of a committee of volunteers from various backgrounds including education, speech and language, and psychology.


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Get Involved

We aim to support our community. There are several ways you can get involved to support those affected by dyslexia.


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Since 1996, we have hosted hundreds of workshops and presentations on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. These talks often offer resources, including books and training materials.

Volunteer opportunities

Our association is always open to accepting applications to speak or host workshops from professionals interested in supporting our mission.